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Pet Sitters International

Basic Care          $35/1-2 Pets     $45/3-4*
This package is designed for animals on 24/7 turnout. We will visit twice a

day to feed and provide fresh water. Fly masks, fly spray and blanketing as


Complete Care      $45/1-2 Pets    $55/3-4*
For animals who like to spend some time in their stall as well as turned out.

In addition to all that we offer in our Basic Care plan, this option includes

turn out, cleaning of stall, and bedding added as needed.

*Please contact us for rate for 5 or more animals

If you can own it, we can watch it! Lulu's Zoo prides itself on being able to offer top quality, in-home care for any pet you can legally own. Whether you have domestics, exotics, farm animals or any combination of them all, we'd love to set up a FREE in-home consultation to meet you and discuss the needs of all your beloved pets.  

Call us today at 561-460-3586

Services & Rates

Standard Visit             $18/1 pet      $3/each additional
This visit lasts about 30 minutes and will include basic pet care such as

walking, feeding, litter box cleaning, playtime, etc.. We can also switch

lights in house, open/close drapes, bring in mail and basic house sitting.

For dogs not receiving overnight care, we recommend 3 visits a day.

Extended Visit           $25/1 pet      $3/each additional
For those owners who'd like their pets to have a bit more attention in their absence, we offer all the same services as the Standard Visit but for a full hour. Even more time for play and snuggles!    

Overnight Care(First Come, First Served Basis)  $65/1 pet    $10/each addt  dog   
For those critters who are afraid of the dark, we can stay overnight at your home to keep them worry-free. We will stay for a 12 hour period starting at dinner time (between 6pm & 8pm) and ending after breakfast (between 6am & 8am).  A midday visit can be added as well for the fee listed above. 

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • ​Birds
  • Rabbits
  • ​ETC.


Please contact us to discuss rates based on specialized care


* We require proof of Captive Wildlife Permits for all species as

required by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

before we accept any exotic pet sitting job.

Professional Pet Sitting

If you can own it, we can watch it!

  • ​ETC.


Any combination of Domestics, Farm or Exotics

Is you house like ours? A dog here, couple cats there, don't forget the

horse! We are happy to bundle our services to give you the best rate

possible and provide each animal with the attention they deserve.



  • PIGS
  • ​ETC.