Amy Kight Owner * Operator * Certified Vet Technician
Amy is a Florida girl through and through. Born and raised in Lantana, Amy has always had a passion for animals and an incredible instinct for their needs. She's been in her trade for over 30 years. Since volunteering at her vet's office at the age of 6 she has not looked backed. After years of working with domestics, her love for all animals lead her to the Ocean Impact Foundation where her heart was stolen by wild animals in need. Eventually becoming a Florida Certified Animal Control Officer and specialized in wildlife and rabies control, including chemical capture of potentially dangerous animals. In 2004, she moved on to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary where she now organizes the training & rehabilitation of native wildlife as Animal Care Director. In hopes of giving wild animals the same quality of care as domestics , she obtained her Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from Saint Petersburg College. Between her work experience and a house that has always been full of pets, she has learned how to handle any situation imaginable.

Paul Crossman Owner * Operator * Certified PetSitter 
A South African native, Paul grew up surrounded by nature; he owned dogs, birds, hamsters and fish. Paul moved to Florida to pursue a career in hospitality at the Palm Beach Country Club. While living in the states, he meant Amy and they were married two years later.  Paul's hospitality career has eventually lead him the Breakers Palm Beach. During his time in the US, his affection for animals grew greatly as Amy brought him into her world of all things critters. He began helping to raise orphaned wildlife, training ambassador animals for educational programs, and traveling the US with Amy to promote conservation and preservation of Florida's wildlife and natural resources. Together, while have been growing their own little zoo, they have also been helping friends and family by pet sitting for them. It only seemed natural to combine Paul's high-end hospitality experience with Amy's extensive animal knowledge to create Lulu's Zoo, a professional pet sitting service whose goal is peace of mind for pets and owners alike.   

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